Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is this really where our money should go?

The front page of the today has an article titled "Key Bush ally joins McCain camp". The Indian Hill business executive who is expressing support for McCain was the finance chairman of Bush's 2004 campaign. This man raised $273 million dollars. I am guessing other candidates, Republican and Democrat, raise similar amounts of money. If one can raise $273 million dollars, with some donors giving $1,000s and more, why can't we raise as much money to pay off our national debt, to make donations to much needed family and social services; to prevent genocide and other atrocities against the human race? If a person is willing to spend $100's if not $1,000s and more to get a person elected, doesn't it seem like they are spending their money in the wrong place? I would love to see a cap on what ANY candidate can earn to spend on campaigning - and $273 million seems like a little much to me. It seems then our candidates would have to actually prove themselves based on their beliefs, values, experience, ability to lead a country and certainly their ability to meet a strict budget - no overspending allowed and no personal financial input. Then think of all the extra money those donors would have left over to donate to a TRULY WORTHY CAUSE! Our country and our world has people who are homeless, hungry, jobless, uneducated, working hard but still living in poverty, struggling to pay for much needed healthcare and more. I just don't get it.

Then I read the other front page article titled "Clemens pressed by Congress" (this is not the story that is in the paper, but a similar one they posted on the Enquirer's website). Oh Holy Lord, is our government really spending my tax dollars on trying to decide whether or not some asshole professional sports player used steroids? Is this really going to make or break world peace, cure hunger and improve healthcare for all humans? Congress really has nothing better to do with their time than spend 4.5 hours interrogating , under oath, a trainer and a player, who are in disagreement over whether one injected another with steroids and human growth hormones? I think our federal government can find something better to do with their time and my money. There's a war going on for Christ's sake - spend 4.5 hours constructively discussing what to do about THAT!

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