Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ear infection

We have been ear infection free for several years. After chronic ear infections with Big E, he got tubes at about 14 months old. We were good to go after that, until Big E hit first grade and couldn't pass the school hearing tests. They tested him upon entering 1st grade and then again going into the winter months. FAIL. We took him back to the ENT who confirmed a high level of fluid in his ears, wrote the school about giving him "preferential seating" and we monitored him. Sure enough, shortly after that, double ear infections! We couldn't get them cleared up and in went another set of tubes and out came his adenoids. He's been good to go ever since.

Sous Chef, in his eight years of life, has had maybe three ear infections. CJ, as far as we can remember, has not had any ear infections during his four years. We THINK there may have been one, but since he was born around the time Big E was having trouble in 1st grade, we might be confusing the two. Anyway, yesterday after lunch, he said, very innocently, "my ear hurts." I asked him if it hurt inside and he said "no, right here" pointing to the opening to his ear. I thought maybe he poked his ear and had a little cut or an ingrown hair or something. I didn't see anything. Within about 1/2 hour, he was crying non-stop about his ear hurting. I figured a little Tylenol would take care of it. NOPE. He finally cried himself to sleep, slept for about two hours and woke up crying his ear hurt. On to the Motrin, because I don't think they recommend Vicadin for four year olds. That seemed to do the trick. In the meantime, I scheduled an appt. for the evening. I had a meeting for my moms group, so Motorcycle Guy took CJ to the doctor at what is normally his bedtime. Sure enough, infected. He is much better today. I go back and forth about the antibiotics for ear infections. Studies show that most ear infections start to clear themselves up within three days. Our doctors in KS did not prescribe antibiotics for ear infections in kids over two years old unless they were still infected and there was no improvement after the third day. Here, they prescribe them right away. So I went with it being it was the first ear infection, but if these infections continue, I will have to re-evaluate this.

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