Thursday, February 28, 2008

And people wonder why we didn't want to move back to Cincinnati

On Wednesday, radio talk show host Bill Cunningham, opened the John McCain rally at Music Hall. I can honestly say I have never listened to this man on the radio (and no, I don't listen to the liberal talk radio hosts either. I do not need to know what any extremists on either end are slamming on the others about.). However, his introduction seemed inappropriate at best, ignorant maybe and hateful most likely. His reason for using Barack Obama's middle name, in his words? “ to identify that person.” Cunningham said. Huh? Do we not know who BARACK OBAMA is without the use of his middle name? Bill Cunningham must really be an idiot and think his audience is too if he thinks he needs a middle name to identify his target. So I can only defer he is trying to associate Senator Obama to the Muslims, IE, terrorists and Al-Qaeda. Maybe, Mr. Cunningham, since your first name is Bill, we should associate you with another Bill we all know, no middle name needed, and assume you are getting blow jobs from radio interns. And as for my deference of his attempt to associate Senator Obama with Muslims? Well, linking Muslims to terrorists is like linking Christians to the KKK. You are a fool, Mr. Cunningham.

In an interview I saw on the news, Bill Cunningham said Senator Obama should be held "under the same scrutiny as everyone else. He should be treated like a man not a messiah." Is that all Mr. Cunningham has? Apparently it is or he would have revealed a couple of negative facts with that crowd instead of resorting to inferences about Senator Obama's middle name. That's a pretty weak case from what is apparently a pretty weak, unprofessional and desperate man.

God bless Senator John McCain for speaking out against this idiot's pathetic attempt to "fire up the crowd." Shame on them for falling prey to that. Senator McCain handled this situation with full dignity and honor. While I don't expect to be pushing the John McCain button come November, if I were someone on the fence, it would certainly be a strong persuading factor. Because of Senator McCain's response to this opening speech, Bill Cunningham then referred to Senator McCain as "Juan Pablo McCain" which I can only assume implies Bill Cunningham's hatred of Hispanics, too.

Cunningham has now promised his vote to Hillary Clinton. I think she could do without his vote, personally. I guess he is assuming she will win the primary elections, but he is in a tough situation if she is not running. Then what will he do?

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