Tuesday, January 8, 2008


As expected, everyone was dragging on Monday morning. Big E woke up fine, got dressed, brushed teeth and then came downstairs and fell asleep on the floor! He skipped breakfast because he was "too tired to eat." Thankfully, his school lunch is at 10:45! Sous Chef did better, but he was obviously tired, too. CH and I on the other hand, couldn't make it through the day after such an early morning (he got up around 8:30) so we took a THREE HOUR nap. It was wonderful.

Today everyone is doing better, except maybe me, but a three hour nap today is out of the question. Tuesdays are my busiest day, plus I officially start my new job this evening doing massages. After one year of accelerated study, several thousand dollars and one medical board test later (oh, yeah, and seven years!), I am officially employed as a Licensed Massage Therapist! I'll get a real paycheck, pay real taxes and even have direct deposit! I love it, plus I have total control of my hours, which I love even more. Wish me luck!

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