Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"That woman is an angel on earth..."

This is my new line, what I am hoping my clients say as they leave their massage session with me. I give my massage clients everything I have, and if they leave with this thought, or any similar thoughts, I know they feel a lot better than they did before they got there! My second night of work went very well. I had a 60 minute appt. and a 90 minute appt. I sometimes think "Oh my gosh, how can I make this massage last 90 minutes?" Well, it's like everything else in my life. I think "I have plenty of time, I'll get it done/I'll be ready/we'll be ready" and then I find myself running behind. I do the same thing with 90 minute massages. Oh, who am I kidding? I do it with all massages, actually. I did the same thing with a client of a friend. I filled in for my friend regularly and the client got two hour massages twice a month, in her home. Life was good ... for her! At the beginning of the appointment, two hours seemed like forever. By the end, I was thinking "Where did the time go? I still need to massage X!" I have a hard time finishing my massages on time and I defintely need to work on that. I don't want to be one of those people who run late with the first appointment and then all subsequent appointments start later and later. That would not make my clients happy and then they won't think "That woman is an angel on earth!"

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