Thursday, January 1, 2009

Why a new site?

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !

There has been some interest in why I moved my blog to a new address and am now using nicknames instead of our real first names. The answer is simple. When I started this blog over a year and a half ago, it was to keep track of my daily happenings. Since we had relocated 600 miles away from very good friends, I found myself e-mailing them with what was going on, answering their questions about how we were doing and so on. So I started a blog so they could check in if and when they wanted to.

Recently, my blog became much more personal and opinionated and I started gathering some loyal readers, which I love. Some of those readers, as I suspected for a couple of reasons, turned out to be family members. In fact, I wrote about that HERE and and thanks to a few whiskeys on the rocks, I did confirm that my guess was correct. They have been reading it from almost the beginning but never gave me a shout out or let me know they were reading, even early on when things were very superficial. (Really, would it have been so hard to say , "Hey, love the blog."  Or 'Hi Jo, have a nice day."  I understand the internet is a public place.  With that, if they SAW me in a public place, I assume they would come over and say "hello" and acknowledge theirs and my presence and not sit in the corner and observe everything I do.  I think the same thing applies here.  You see me on the 'net?  Say hi.  Let me know you're here.)  I have discussed things about them recently and I can only assume feelings are hurt (one family member, to the best of my knowledge, does not know I know she has been reading). Though I didn't say anything I wouldn't have said directly to them if given the opportunity, I certainly would have been more gentle with my comments. The one member found my blog because at one point I inadvertantly used our last name. Toss that in with the blog title originally had my first name in it and used first names of my family members, and bada-bing - it popped right up in her search.

I never wanted this blog to be read by family. I don't even share it with a lot of my friends, though there are a few out there who I trust not to judge me. And while I regret that these family members have had to witness some of my comments, I don't plan to stop blogging as needed and I certainly don't want them reading about my mental health issues, my sex life, my red "get up" undies and so on. That is just something I don't need my in-laws, or any other family members, to know about me. Strangers? Yeah, I'm ok with that. So I hope you bloggy friends keep coming back.

I really wish I could have seen my face when my drunken family member fessed up about reading my blog, and that at least one other member was reading, too. Thankfully, I was in a great mood and all I could do was laugh and say "I KNEW it!" Then my husband walked in and I told him. Of course, he gave me the little lecture of "if you put it out on the 'net, you never know who will find it." He was not at all concerned and said he thinks my blog sounds exactly like me. That when he reads it, it's like I am sitting there talking to him. He even thought maybe I should keep the original blog and be the puppet master to the people involved, which are HIS family members. To see if I could get at least the one family member to do or not do things based on my writings. It sounded like fun, but that would still leave me vulnerable to their witnessing other thoughts and events that I prefer not to share with them. And I don't like to be vulnerable. (There. There it is. A little tidbit I don't need my family to know about me. Though I am sure it's obvious, I don't need them to know I am admitting to it.)

So here I am, at this new site. Undercover, using nicknames for myself and family. Hoping to remain under the radar. If I am discovered this time, so be it. I will not keep going deeper and deeper underground. I will only enter the witness protection program once. After that, if I am found, those who find me will have to deal with things themselves. At least they will know what they are getting into ahead of time and can choose to stop reading. Or not.


  1. Wow! I was wondering why you were making the move, and I figured it was something like this, but that's pretty crazy tho! Google-ing (or whatever) stuff on you? And then not even mention that they were reading your stuff? That's so not even cool and very sneaky.

    Happy New Year! :)

  2. Yes, that was very sneaky of them. That does suck that you had to change blogs but oh well, I can read you just fine on this one. No matter to me!

    Here's to a new blog name and a better year!!

    Happy New Year,

  3. I completely get your reasoning. Some of my oldest friends, and NONE of my family (what little there is of it) know about my blog. I wanted an outlet to say whatever I wanted, without censoring myself to preserve someone else's feelings. I'm just glad I get to come along - I'll follow you anywhere!

  4. I so know what ya mean...I have to censor myself because everyone in my real life reads my blog...even my neighbors!!!
    I was LMAO@red get up undies!!!!

  5. I have only been blogging a MONTH and a half, let alone a YEAR and a half, and I feel you on it getting out of hand with people you're not too excited about knowing your business...knowing your business. I've got people from my hometown reading and a few family members (I can just tell too!), and I haven't yet figured out what I want to do about it. I hope this change is what works for you!

  6. Never mind the e-mail, I found you. Luckily, no one I know cares a bit about mine. Hope the Witness Protection Program keeps your new ID under wraps.

  7. I figured that's why you changed blogs, based on your prior posts.

    This new site is really nice! I'm sure everyone that you want to comeover, will.

  8. wow, that's a cautionary tale. I edit myself more than I want to because I outed myself sort of indirectly to a few people that I wish I wouldn't have. But... C'est la vie. The sad truth of it is, I like some of my bloggy friends WAY better than the people in my life. As long as you all don't get mad, I'm good. =) Happy New Year!

  9. Wow. Good luck. Hope they don't come back for your sake and peace of mind (and privacy)!