Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where do I start?

First, the good. Way to go, Kathleen Sebelius! She is the 2nd female governor of my previous home state, Kansas. She gave the rebuttal speech to the State of the Union Address (No, I did not watch it. I doubt anyone who knows me would have expected me to watch that!) and I think it was easy to see why she was elected, by Democrats AND Republicans, to be the head of a predominantly Republican state. An interesting tidbit about her, she was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH and graduated from Summit Country Day School, where Motorcycle Guy and I currently have a friend who teaches. Her father is a former governor of Ohio, John Gilligan.

Second, the funny. There is a steer, as in bovine, cow, farm animal, running loose. Apparently, this big guy, weighing 1,000 lbs., was on his way to the slaughterhouse yesterday when he decided to make his big get away. He ran across a city street, which is a pretty busy road, into a cemetary, through a subdivision and then into a heavily wooded area. According to the news this morning, he was seen last night near a golf course in that area.

Third, the hypocritical. No surprise this segment will be about the Archbiship of Cincinnati, Daniel Pilarczyk. His response to the "Bodies...The Exhibition" at the Cincinnati Museum Center is that "The public exhibition of plasticized bodies, unclaimed, unreverenced, and unidentified, is a different matter entirely. It is unseemly and inappropriate." This quote comes from a man who pleaded "no contest" for failure to report sex abuse cases by priests in the Cincinnati Archdiocese. It seems he is confused about what is "unseemly and inappropriate." MORON!

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