Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday Night Date Night

Last night Motorcycle Guy and I went to dinner and to a party. The party was in our old part of town, pre kids, so we decided to go to dinner there, which is our old stomping grounds. We had trouble choosing between Baba India in or India Hyde Park. We chose Baba India because they also own Akash India and Ambar India, Ambar India being our favorite. Though it appears the menus are the same, I like Ambar better than Baba because Ambar is in Clifton, where Motorcycle Guy and I both lived during college and the decor/environment is nicer. I have not been to Akash, which is downtown. I always choose between two dishes. I really need to try something else! I had Shrimp Bhuna and Motorcycle Guy had Chicken Vindaloo. My other choice would have been shrimp vindaloo, which when comparing Motorcycle Guy's sauce to mine, I think I like the vindaloo better.

We then went to a housewarming party of one of Motorcycle Guy's co-workers. He is a recent college graduate and bought an old house just off of the square. It was funny being with "kids," which were Pete's roomates from college who had all come to town for the party. It's also funny to hear Motorcycle Guy being introduced as "this is my boss." Hey, I'M used to being the boss! (Just kidding!) There were some co-workers, neighbors and other friends of Pete's there, so I met quite a few people, most were all young enough to be my ... nieces and nephews. At one point, Motorcycle Guy was talking to a woman who went to Pitt. She was asking him a couple of things and he said "I don't really know, I left Pittsburgh 25 years ago." The room kind of got quiet and there were some odd looks, representing the thoughts of "man, you are OLD!". Most of these people were just being born or were not even born when Motorcycle Guy left Pittsburgh! (and let it be known, when Motorcycle Guy left Pittsburgh, I was still in junior high!)

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