Saturday, January 26, 2008


Motorcycle Guy and I went to see JUNO this afternoon. Assuming I average the same as last year for the number of movies I see in a theater, which was TWO for 2007, I am so glad we chose to pay for this one as one of the two. This movie is truly one of the most touching, sweet, tender movies I have ever seen. It's funny and heartwarming and a little sad, too. I hope that if/when any of my children make a mistake of this magnitude, whatever that mistake may be, that they handle it as maturely and spiritedly as the character, Juno. I hope if/when that happens, Motorcycle Guy and I handle it as maturely and spiritedly as the parents in Juno. It was a reminder that being a supportive, loving parent, even in difficult times, helps to raise a child who can not only confide their problems, but also think through possible solutions to their problems.

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