Monday, January 14, 2008

In the News

I can see the tragic story of the man who murdered his wife and four children is going to be in the news for a while, at least locally. I still have not seen the national news, so I don't know if it's there. This story is just so unbelievable to me. No one may ever really know what happened, what was going through this man's head, were there other circumstances? The police seem sure, at least according to the little information that is being released, that the husband is the attacker and the arsonist, there are no third parties or break-ins involved, etc. The one thing that I can't stop thinking about, beyond the obvious of four children being dead along with their mother, is my friends who have lost children to illness and other medical issues and my friends who have children fighting for their lives on a daily basis due to disease. These mothers and fathers would give ANYTHING to have their children back and/or to have their children be healthy. This man who allegedly committed these crimes made a choice to end the lives of his family. What kind of parent would choose to end their family's life? My friends want to bring their kids back, want them to be healthy, want them to not have to fight so hard to stay healthy and alive. They are not able to do those things. It's hard for me to wrap my brain around the idea that a parent would want the opposite of that and then take action on it.

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