Friday, January 18, 2008

I got nuthin'!

That's what I have to write about today. A whole lot of nuthin'. We are just going through the daily activities that are typical for any family - work (in and out of the house), getting kids out the door to school, homework, hygiene for everyone and sleep. Luckily, we are a family of sleepers! All of us. I could write about that. CJ and I nap a few times a week. Some days I nap and he doesn't. The adults in our house, that would be Motorcycle Guy and I, typically take a nap on Saturday and/or Sunday. Occasionally, Sous Chef naps. Big E never naps, but he goes right to bed and usually right to sleep. We all love to sleep in. Over Christmas break, I typically slept until 10:00 or so and the kids would sleep until 9:00 or so. Motorcycle Guy does not really sleep in - he is usually up by 8:00 (I do realize, though, many people WOULD consider that sleeping in!). Of course, over break, the kids weren't going to bed until almost 11:00. We were having too much fun playing that damn Wii that has my shoulder all out of wack! I guess maybe I should take advantage of that perk I have at my new employer - one free massage a month!

Tonight I am hosting game night for my moms group. This is the first "chapter" event I have hosted since moving here. It should be fun.

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