Friday, January 11, 2008


You know there is nothing going on at my house when I resort to writing about my hair. In the past I have written about growing it out and I also have written about my eyebrows. Today, I write about washing my hair. Since I am in the process of growing it out and it is much longer than I have had it in, oh, the last 15 or more years, it takes a lot more effort than my past wash-n-go short hair. I have wavy, frizzy hair at this length with not many layers. The "individual hairs" are majorly thick and I have tons of hair. My hairstylist in KC said she had never had a client with as much hair as I have. The results of longer, thick, wavy and frizzy hair which is in high abundance: 10 minutes with a hair dryer and then about 15 minutes for the flat iron. I decided to take my hairstylist's advice and not wash it every day. I promise, though, I do shower. I wrap up my head in a towel to keep my hair dry. She said I could go three days without washing it. For me, two seemed the max. However, over Christmas break, when there were days I showered and just put my PJs back on because I refused to go anywhere, I finally made it to day three. And guess what, it looked better than on day one and two. I decided this was a fluke, so I have been trying this out, and it's true. Day three seems to be my best day! I have to plan accordingly, though. Like today, I was on day two. However, I need to be somewhere tomorrow at 9:30 in the morning, so I decided to wash and fix today. In the morning I can just shower, do make up, comb my hair and do any minor touch ups and be out the door in a flash. My hair seems much happier, too, as I notice less buildup in the drain when I wash it now.

Self portrait of hair and glasses.
Oh, and my new bifocals came in. My old eyes got worse for distance and reading, so my bifocal prescription was strengthened. It's really hard to find cool glasses that can house bifocal lenses. The lense needs to be big enough so that the bifocal part is not up in the part you need for distance, resulting in being a candidate for David Letterman's "Old Guys with Big Classes" segment . Very frustrating with the current style of glasses today. I managed to find a pair and had to have a somewhat special lense made where they compress the bifocal part. Not cheap, but I like them, which is a necessity considering my eyes depend more and more on the glasses, increasing the frequency of wearing them.
One exciting thing today, I got my first paycheck as a re-employed Licensed Massage Therapist! Not bad after being out of the work force for over three years!
Ok, maybe I did have more than hair to talk about today!

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