Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I was at Sous Chef's school early this morning and noticed the flag flying half-staff. It took me only a second to realize this was in honor of the family who was recently killed. It made me teary eyed. I then read in the paper later this morning that the city called for flags to fly half-staff for five days - one day for each death of the four children and their mom.

On a lighter note, Sous Chef is reading the first Harry Potter book. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE these books. I thought Big E would be the first to read them since he is the oldest, but I guess I should have known it would be Sous Chef. Big E prefers sports/athlete's biographies and Sous Chef prefers the fiction/mystery type books. We watched the movie the other night and he just couldn't wait to start reading. He started Sunday and he is already more than half way through. He read from the moment he got home from school yesterday until he was in bed for his last 1/2 hour of reading before lights out. We did manage to pull him away from the book to eat dinner, but barely. He is also watching the second movie, which I taped on Sunday evening.

Tonight is my second night of work. Hopefully I will have more than one client tonight, as that certainly increases my income some and it helps time to pass quicker. I get paid for non-massage time, but it's not as high as what I get paid for actually doing a massage! I am not in a rush to finish a book before book club, so I would prefer to do massages tonight instead of read.

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