Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Excuse me!

Yesterday, I took Sous Chef to his swimming lesson, which involves changing clothes in the locker room. Once he was settled near the water and CJ and I were settled at our table, I realized I left my drink in the locker room. I went to get it and walked into the room with an older woman, whose English was good, but quite heavily accented with Japanese. When you walk into the large room, which by the way is a FAMILY locker room, meaning both genders may be in there and also children, there are three individual rooms on the right that include a private changing area and a private toilet and shower. She clearly wanted one of these rooms. She did not stop at the first one, though I am not sure why. She stopped at the second one and tried to walk right in by opening a closed door (hello? that usually means someone is in there). It was locked so she knocked and seemed surprised when the person(s) inside responded with "Someone's in here." In the meantime, I am almost into the third room to get my abandoned drink. Unexpectedly, she comes running up behind me and CJ, PUSHES me, yes, physically PUSHES me out of the way and says, "I go there!" I really had to struggle to contain myself and did quite well. I responded with my hand out in front of her to stop her and said "Excuuuse me. But I WAS here FIRST. And you can just relax, all I am doing is getting the drink that I forgot. RELAX!" and I walked out. She slammed the door behind me. All I could think was "Lady, you look like you are about 70 and you are smaller than I am. DON'T MESS WITH ME!" Hhhmmm, maybe I'll see her again next week.

My first night as a newly re-employed Licensed Massage Therapist went well. I reported at 6:00, but did not have a client scheduled until 8:00. So I read my book, EAT, PRAY, LOVE, which I just started on Monday and need to have finished tonight for book club. Not bad, being paid to read without any child/husband interruption! I think I will like it there. It's very well designed, very professional and peaceful, and low key. All I have to do is show up, sign my room out (I get to keep the same room for my entire shift) and get it ready and then give my massages. No scheduling, no laundry, no worrying about if I have enough of or the correct oils, lotions, gels; no paperwork to file, just review the medical forms and give them back to the receptionist, no marketing, no NOTHING but doing what I do, give massages! Life is good.

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