Thursday, January 24, 2008

Beet juice? Really?

Yes, really. Our city is now using a road de-icer that contains beet juice. It is on the roads today, as a matter of fact. Supposedly, it works best when it's too cold for salt alone, like today. We will only be in the teens with wind chills below zero and there was some snow/ice last night.

Speaking of snow and ice. Today the kids had a two hour school delay. I LOVE that as do my kids! I got to sleep until 8:00am. The school district calls around 5:30am to let you know when there is a change in schedule. Cool, because then I get to go back to sleep and stay there for some extra time. This is only our second delay this year and no snow days, much to the annoyment of my children. Several school districts around us close or delay easily. Our district doesn't appear to be too intimidated and usually remain open and on schedule. My kids hate that!

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