Thursday, January 24, 2008

Are you "laminator trained?"

I have been asked a lot of things in my life, but never "are you laminator trained?" When I woke up this morning, the answer, sadly, was "NO" but now that the day is winding down, I can proudly say, "YES, I am laminator trained." And while working that laminator during the time I was volunteering for Sous Chef's classroom, I learned something in the front office. Actually, I was just reminded, I already knew it. Parents will complain about ANYTHING to the school staff.

As I mentioned in my post earlier today, the school district issues a phone call with a recording telling you if school is delayed or canceled. Ours came at about 5:40AM, as did everyone else's to tell us there was a delay. Apparently, this particular parent, did not get his call, or so he says. So out to the bus stop at his usual pick up time, which is around 8:45AM depending on what his bus schedule is. Well, needless to say the bus didn't come. So what would you do? Think something was up and check into it with a phone call to the school or neighbor or just don't send your kid to school that day? He opted for the latter, he didn't send his kid to school. No calling the school or a neighbor/school friend, no checking the internet, TV or radio, he just decided there must not be school and therefore his child was home. The school office was calling to see where this particular child was. The dad got mad and asked the office "Why are you just now calling to tell me there is no school?" The attendance rep. said, "I'm not calling to tell you there is no school. There is school. I'm calling to find out where Joey (not his real name!) is today." Well, it went downhill from there. She was getting very frustrated trying to explain she does not "personally make the 5:30AM phone call, that it's an automated system and she's sorry he didn't get the call but yes, we do have your correct number on file and that is what is in our automated system." She continued trying to explain this to him and she finally said, "Do you have a TV? It was also issued to the news stations, radio stations and it is posted on the school district website." He claimed to have none of those. Huh? He also didn't feel it was necessary to call the school because they should have called him to let him know there was a two hour delay. She finally got off the phone with him and decided he really just expected her to personally drive to his home at 5:30AM to let him know the weather report and how that impacts the school district schedule.

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