Friday, December 28, 2007

We love the Wii!

The Wii purchase is definitely the best gift we have bought/received in a long time. It is truly a family affair and I find myself fighting over my turn as much as the next family member, who is usually a child. I have worked up a sweat playing some of the games, I have had to rest after others, and another of the games I can only play twice in a row before my heart is beating so fast I am afraid of having a heart attack, I get short of breath and my arms will no longer move. I am afraid to try three times in a row, though it is one of my favorite games. I have had to become ambidexterous in some of the games in order to prevent my right arm from eventually looking like Popeye's and my left arm remaining the flacid, wimpy arm that it is! I woke up Wednesday morning with my right arm and shoulder hurting. So Wednesday afternoon I started playing some of the games with my left hand and I am now equally sore. Thursday, both arms hurt and my hands - I feel like I am typing with bricks on my fingers! If I keep it up, maybe I can Wii away a couple of unwanted pounds and firm up my arms, even if just a little. How long will it be before Nintendo Wii is advertised as a weight loss/cardiac workout machine? Sad that this is my major form of exercise, but, hey, it's better than nothing!

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