Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Train Day

I am surrounded by three boys and a man who love trains. We have three train sets - a Lionel H scale train set that was Motorcycle Guy's when he was a kid, the wooden train tracks and trains and now we have some GeoTrax train sets. We have train vidoes and we watch train videos on You Tube. A few years ago, we took a 24 hour train ride from Kansas City to Arizona/Grand Canyon on an Amtrak train in a sleeping car. It was incredible, I do have to admit, and I see some more train trips like this one in our future. I highly recommend it to anyone considering a fun and exciting vacation.

Today, I took CJ to Holiday Junction - AKA the train display at Union Terminal downtown. He LOVED it. They had many different and HUGE train displays with different scales of trains. They also had a train ride that he rode at least five or six times. He got to pick out a train ornament for his Christmas tree ornament this year. We then went to Zips for lunch. These are OLD stomping grounds for Motorcycle Guy and I and I love this place. It also has a train that runs the perimeter of the ceiling. CJ had a blast and so did I.

Going to Union Terminal is quite an ordeal for me. My hands were sweating, my breathing was labored and I was nervous. In 2001, while visiting the Children's Museum with Big E and Sous Chef, and thankfully some neighbor friends and their children, I blacked out and had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance. It was a very traumatic experience for me on many levels. This was the day that led to brain surgery about four months later. I have only been there since then for a wedding that I was in. It required two visits in a row - one for the rehearsal and the next day for the wedding. Both times I practically hyperventilated before going into the building. I did much better today - no gasping for air or panic attacks, and I guess my self diagnosed PTSD has improved over the years. Once inside, I was able to relax and have a great time, knowing that I am healthy and safe.

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