Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Picture time

Last night we had our neighbor friends come over to take our Christmas card picture. I asked them to be here in about ten minutes, as I had to get the kids dressed and Motorcycle Guy and I needed to change. I got everyone ready and went to get dressed when I looked in the mirror. Holy crap - I had totally forgotten I didn't wash my hair that morning (yes, I did shower!) and I had NO makeup on. So I did a quick makeup session and a fluff of the hair. All in all, it turned out pretty good.

I bought a new coat yesterday. I don't have a true winter coat. I have some cute winter coats and one is wool which is warm, but it's kind of dressy. I didn't really have a coat that was warm and could be worn with my pajamas out at the bus stop. So I ordered a coat from Land's End that will keep me warm in -5 degrees! I think it should do the trick!

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