Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Naked cats and the occasional naked body part

Sous Chef: "Is there anyone who is allergic to cats?"
Me: "Dad"
Sous Chef: "You said dad is allergic to FUR."
Me: "Yes, cat fur."
Sous Chef: "So he's allergic to CAT FUR. I'm talking about NAKED CATS. Is there anyone allergic to THEM?"

CJ: "Do you know where my penis is?"
Me: "Yes."
CJ: "Look, it's right here," pulling down his pants to show me.
Me: "Yes, there it is!"
CJ: "Is that where it belongs?"

I think I could probably write a blog titled "Kids Quotes" or something like that. My kids, like all kids, are constantly saying things that make me laugh, think, squirm and sigh. They also say things that make me proud, though I don't have a recent conversation like that to share.

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