Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I have not interviewed for a job since 1992! Since 1992, I have been the interviewER on literally hundreds of interviews. So I do have some interview practice, just on the other side of the desk. In the last week, I have been on two interviews. I recently responded to a notice I received in the mail regarding Licensed Massage Therapists at a new massage clinic opening about five minutes from my house. When the owner saw my Human Resources Management experience, he wanted to talk to me about management openings. So I did that last week. It was fun and I really liked the man. I was more than qualified for the job, and somewhat overqualified per our follow up discussion. However, I am not so sure I want to work full time just yet. I was honest with him about that and he hired someone else. He also let me know when we talked again yesterday that he wanted to keep my resume because when a higher level management position opened (ie: his, as he "backs" out of the management side in the future and focuses more on being "owner" of this and another location), that he wanted to talk to me again. He also told me that he really enjoyed meeting me and my leadership skills were admirable. It was nice to hear those things. It's been a long time since I've been in the working world and I often wonder if "I still got it". We then talked about me working as a massage therapist on a part time basis since that seems to be the better fit for both of us at this time. So today I "interviewed" for a massage therapist position with a manager from the Columbus location. I then had to give him a massage! Let me just say, I much prefer the talking interview. First of all, I have not given a full massage in about 3-4 years. I stopped working when we moved to Kansas in 2004 and I did very little prior to that since I had a little baby. Secondly, the conditions were less than desirable - temporary office space, no music, no dimming lights, no nothing. Just an interviewer on a table getting a massage from an out of practice LMT. One of two things happened - he either enjoyed the massage to the point of almost snoring/sleeping OR he was very content in focusing on his happy place to escape the pain and discomfort I was causing him. I don't know which. We will see what happens. They were interviewing quite a few people. The pay is not so great as this is a facility that is bringing massage to the general population and therefore has prices that are palatable to the average person. When you get paid based on a percentage of that fee, and the fee is not very high, income for the therapist goes down. However, it's more money than I am making now, considering I am doing zero massages, and they will let me work the schedule I want, which is perfect for me! I guess a potential offer depends on whether or not my "client" was relaxed and dozing, or escaping to an alternate universe until I could finish up my amateur massage.

And for anyone who is a would be or current massage client - make sure you rub the sock fuzz out from between your toes!

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