Thursday, December 27, 2007

How did he know?

CJ: "Where are we going?"

Me: "To Mrs. Bauer's house. We're going to help her decorate for Christmas."

CJ: "Who is Mrs. Bauer?"

Me: "She's a friend from our old neighborhood."

Later we pull into Beth's driveway.

CJ: "This isn't Mrs. Bauer's house. This is Mary-Kate's house."

That last comment from CJ took my breath away. Beth is a good friend from our ex-neighborhood. Mary-Kate is her daughter who passed away from a brain tumor in June, 06 at the age of ten. As expected, the holidays are very difficult for this family and Beth was having a particularly hard time getting her house decorated, so I was going there to help her get their house ready for Christmas. When we moved from Ohio to Kansas in 2004, CJ was only eight months old and has no conscious memories of Mary-Kate. He has heard us talk about her and he participated in the the to benefit Children's Hospital on Team Mary-Kate. But how did he know Mary-Kate lived there? He has only been there once since we have been back in Ohio and I don't recall saying "this is Mary-Kate's house" when we went there.

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