Sunday, November 11, 2007


The HS Mini-Reunion of 2007 was a great time! Unfortunately, two people couldn't make it due to work schedules and illness, so that left eight of us. Food was eaten, wine was consumed along wth lots of giggling, looking at funny, old pictures and yearbooks, reminiscing about those from the past and learning what everyone is up to now. Who would have guessed that in high school I was voted the most outspoken (with our friend Leslie, who was also in attendance this weekend, as the runner up!). I guess I didn't realize my outspokenness went back that far!

In addition to kids, families and boyfriends, we heard about recent and planned trips to Italy, Germany, Turkey and sailing in the Mediterranean, Africa, Egypt, Israel, New Zealand, Dominican Republic and Peru! (Unfortunately for me, I was on NONE of these trips!).

We also have a friend who has opened a business with a close family member. If you are ever in the Boulder/Denver area or Manhattan Beach, CA, stop in for some ice cream or gelatto at Glacier Homemade Ice Cream and Gelatto!

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