Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes...

"Mom, can you put the sun down? It's too bright."

"Hurry. The poop is coming out!"

"Mom, Santa only brings one video game per year and I already have one on my list."

"My poop got stuck."
"You need to drink more water."
"Not in my butt. It was so big, it got stuck when I flushed the toilet."

These are the types of things I hear around my house or while out and about. The first two are from CJ. Apparently, he was having trouble eating breakfast this morning because the sun was shining too brightly into the window. I say, enjoy it while you can because we live in Ohio now, where it's gray all winter long. His second comment was said nice and loud for everyone at the local library to hear! The third quote took place during a conversation with Sous Chef who wanted to buy a Sponge Bob computer game. I am trying to encourage the kids to save their money over the next month and wait to see what they get for Christmas before buying anything. The last conversation took place between me and Big E this afternoon. I got a fifth grader's version of how big it was. what shape it was and why it was stuck. Thankfully, it did not overflow the toilet!

Motorcycle Guy and I and CJ had lunch with Big E and his teacher today. Big E was Student of the Week during a week in November, so each of the students got to invite their parents and/or a special someone to come to their room for lunch. Of course, he wanted us to bring McDonald's. His lunch period starts at 10:45 and most of the burger joints don't serve lunch until 10:30. We got to McD's at 10:27 and they made us wait three minutes before we could place our order. Funny enough, the other parents made comments about this, too.

Big E won the geography bee in his class and gets to compete in the school geography bee after the new year. We had no idea he knew as much as he did about geography and his teacher asked us today how he knew this stuff. I had to admit to her that on the way to lunch this morning, Motorcycle Guy and I were wondering the same thing! He did admit he guessed at a couple of the answers.

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