Thursday, November 8, 2007


You know your kids are getting old, which also means you as the parent is getting old, when your child is slated for braces in about six-twelve months. We met with our new orthodontist here and we are just waiting for one more tooth to come out and the rest to come in, which will be in six months to a year; he thought closer to six months. We go back in May. Thankfully, Bio E's mouth structure is such that he needs no permanent teeth pulled (I had four permanent teeth pulled to make room), his occlusion/bite is just right and he does not need a pallate expander, which I did. The ortho said he would be in and out of braces in about 15 months if everything goes as planned. No phase II braces needed. I am thrilled! Motorcycle Guy was lucky and never had to experience orthodontics. I on the other hand had a lot of work prior to braces and then almost four years of braces. I am happy Big E will not have to experience all of that!

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