Saturday, November 24, 2007

I am tired!

A full week of visitors can be exhausting! We have had out of state guests since last Saturday. It was fun to see everyone and I am glad they came to visit, but I am ready to lay down and rest. First we had my best friend and her family from Saturday night until Wednesday. They were gone a lot of the time visiting family, but we got to see them quite a bit. They left on Wednesday morning and then we had a visit from some friends from Kansas who are in the area visiting family. That was a nice surprise. I knew they were coming to town, but in the chaos of getting ready for everyone else, I totally forgot until Jan contacted me. We enjoyed spending some time with them and their kiddos. After they left, my in-laws arrived and within an hour of that, my husband's sister, her husband and two of their three children arrived. Melanie and their gang left yesterday and my in-laws left today. His other sister and her husband were unable to make it this year.

Thanksgiving dinner was a hit. I had never made an entire Thanksgiving meal before. I must say, it was delicious. I made all the usuals and I even made gravy from scratch that was very yummy. My stuffing was superb!

On Wednesday night, my dad was in a pretty bad accident and broke his nose, busted up his eye and needed 11 stitches. He does woodworking for a hobby. While using his table saw, a piece of wood "kicked back" and hit him in the face. My mom was not home but he managed to call 911, though he was having trouble seeing due to the blood and the instant swelling of his eyes. He told me it took three tries to get through to 911 because he was trying to feel for the correct numbers. I visited him today and he is able to wear his now repaired glasses and the swelling in/around his eyes has gone down enough that he can see some. He is still very black and blue. He will be seeing a surgeon next week to see if there is a need for any reconstruction or plastic surgery, but so far it looks like he won't. He is able to breath comfortably through his nose, blow it, etc. which is a good indicator that it is going to heal properly.

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