Friday, November 9, 2007

High school reunion

In the summer of 2006, I attended my 20 year HS reunion. The party actually started on Friday night. I over did it just a little (damn that waitress for being so on top of my Captain and coke needs!) so at the actual reunion I was a little under the weather. I still had a good time and enjoyed seeing many people I had hoped to see. Some of my friends that I am close with in relationship, but distance keeps us a part decided we should try to get together a little more often. This weekend will be our first of what I hope is many Mini Reunions. We are gathering at my house from as far as Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit and as close as about 15 minutes from my house. Hopefully on a somewhat regular basis and as finances allow, we can do this in a variety of locations over the years. I am very excited. The first guest arrives today - Leslie Ann from Chicago. Everyone else will be trickling in tomorrow. We will be having dinner, drinking and overall giggles. Some of these women I have known since before kindergarten. As my mom says, "do you ever remember a time you didn't know Angie?" The same holds true for Diane and her twin, Amy, who won't be with us this evening. The rest of us met during late elementary school or junior high except Leslie Ann, who came along our sophomore year of HS.

What fun we will have reminiscing about our childhood up through HS. And for Diane, Jeni, Leslie Ann and I, we can throw in some college memories since we all went to UC together. And Michelle, Maria and Lora can talk about their days at OSU. Angie is on her own with Miami U and Mary at Anderson College. Second thought, maybe not such a good idea, there may be some things that are better not to remember! : )

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