Thursday, November 15, 2007

Arms and elbows

For lunch, CJ was eating macaroni and cheese, made with shell shaped macaroni. As I was doing some things in the kitchen, he said,"The next time you go to the store, can you buy some arms?" Since I had my back to him, I was unsure what he meant.
I turned around and said,"What do you want me to buy?"
"Arms" as he pointed to his mac and cheese shells.
"Do you mean elbow macaroni?"
"Oh, yeah, elbows."
It was too funny!

Starting tomorrow we are heading into what will be the busiest of the holiday season for me. The kids are off school and I need to start getting my house ready for visitors. My best friend, LQ, and her family are coming from Delaware on Saturday and staying until Wednesday. On Wednesday, my husband's parents are coming and so is on of his sisters with her husband and two of their three children. They will all be staying until Saturday or Sunday. We will also be celebrating Christmas. In order to pull this all off, I have cleaning to do and lots of grocery shopping in addition to buying some Christmas presents! After Thanksgiving, my holiday season should be fairly easy as long as I don't procrastinate with gifts for our kiddos and other family members.

Speaking of Christmas, I will need to decorate. Our house is bigger than any of our previous houses, so I it will be interesting to see how our decorations will fit in. I have a feeling it will be a little bare this holiday season. I know I need to buy a lot more garland and ribbon for the staircase banister, but beyond that, I will just have to see how everything looks and go from there after the holidays for the discounted decorations to buy for next year.

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