Friday, October 12, 2007

Test drive

I am not talking about cars in my title today. I am part of a very lively book club. Our meeting this month was to discuss the book, Freakonomics. It's a very interesting book that addresses some hot topic issues in unconventional ways, making some very valid points, though at times, to quote one reader in our book club, the math was a little "fuzzy." Nevertheless, it still gives the readers a lot to think about and certainly a lot to talk about. A couple of the ideas addressed in this book led to some feisty and funny conversations, albeit, getting us off the topic of the book at times. During our conversations, the topic of the Gardasil vaccine came up. One member has a daughter who is in the age range for this vaccine. My friend is a firm believer in "test drive before you buy," to quote her, and feels there will come a day for her daughter to get the vaccine, so her decision isn't "if," but "when." Later into the book discussion, another reader said something about being promiscuous and she was promptly reminded by Susanne that it's not "promiscuous" but "test driving." This cracked me up. So for all of you out there who are concerned about a promiscuous past, take it from my fellow book clubber, you were just "test driving," which all women should do!

Speaking of driving, when we lived in KS, I hardly ever had to drive on the highway. Almost everything I needed - shopping, mall, restaurants, kids stuff, friends - was all within a short suburban drive. Now that we are here, it seems like I am on the highway a few times a week. Yesterday, I went to Clifton to hang out with friends, which is about a 20 minute drive, mostly highway. I had to chuckle as I thought about a friend from my childhood (Lora M., get ready, this is a memory involving you) whose grandmother always called it the "superhighway" because there was a lot of traffic at high speeds. I could not get the image of her out of my head. At 3:30, the highway coming out of downtown was already bumper to bumper congestion. I guess the "5:00 Rush Hour" is a thing of the past and Lora's grandmother would have to rename the highway the "super, superhighway!" Imagine her visiting Lora in LA and giving those highways a drive.

Basketball cuts continued and Big E was moved to the mid-level intramural rec. team. It should be a fun basketball year as his friends were all moved to that same level. If he aspires to continue playing basketball, this will be a good learning season for him as they will work directly with the HS basketball coach and players.

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