Thursday, October 4, 2007


These are the words I kept hearing through the phone yesterday. Very good friends of mine called, the husband to be exact, to tell me that his wife's mom and her husband died tragically that morning due to carbon monoxide poisoning. They wanted me to know and were also concerned I had already heard it on the news, which thankfully, since I don't watch it often, I hadn't seen. His wife and I were roommates in college and her husband was a neighbor of ours. We have shared many, many milestones together, good and bad. I have spent many hours over the years with her mom, dad and then her mom's new husband after her dad passed away. I know her siblings. I couldn't pull myself away from the news and the internet yesterday. It was the number one story. I am concerned for my friend and her family. Their lives are permanently altered.I am shocked and deeply saddened, as is my husband.

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