Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh, the drama!

On Saturday, we participated in the Walk for Children's Hospital on Team MK. It was a fun event and our team earned almost $3,000. This was a little short of last year due to some timing issues and fundraising challenges. We hope to participate again next year! Thanks to you contributors.

It was a cool but sunny morning and the bees were out and about, especially since there was a lot of lemonade and sugared waters on hand. One decided to take a rest on Sous Chef's neck. When he felt it, he kind of shrugged to get it to fly away and it stung him. This was his first bee sting and I think it shocked him as much as it stung. We made an emergency stop at the rest area and had the first aid team come. They applied some ointment that had lidocaine in it to numb the area, though he preferred the coolness of cold bottle of water on his neck. Sous Chef has decided next year he is not interested in doing this walk, though the LaRosa's pizza lunch seemed to have possibly changed his mind.

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