Sunday, October 14, 2007


Having three boys, it's fun to see their differences. Big E is very athletic and enjoys running around and being outside. He loves watching sports on TV, collecting sports trading cards and knowing the statistics of the players, past and present. Sous Chef prefers to hang inside and enjoys playing sports only for the sheer fact that it involves friends and really has nothing to do with the sport itself. He told me this weekend he did not want to play any more sports. I reminded him he said he wanted to swim and his response was, "that's not a sport, that's a hobby." Either way, it's fine with me as long as he is doing something to get a little bit of exercise. CJ seems to be more along the lines of Big E and likes the physical activities. It'll be fun to see if or how these things change as they grow older.

I have discovered finding activities for a non-sports interested boy is a little more challenging than I expected, since most boy activities seem to involve sports. We enrolled him in a science class, but it did not meet the minimum number, so it was canceled. He is playing dodgeball instead, which he does really like. I am looking forward to his swimming lessons so he can learn some advanced swimming skills and determine if he is really interested in swimming on a team or not. I guess if he thinks it's just a hobby, the competitive side may not be there. We continue to look for activities that will not only interest him, but may also get his body and mind moving and challenged. Thankfully, our school district offers a lot of extras and we are learning our way through it all to find a good fit.

Big E will be starting basketball later this fall. He is pretty good at it and does enjoy it. It will be a good opportunity for him to meet some more fifth graders besides the ones in his teaching team.

Like the others, CJ will have to wait until kindergarten before he gets to play a team sport. I have a feeling he will enjoy soccer, so we will probably start with that. He also really likes passing the baseball and hitting the ball with Motorcycle Guy and Big E.

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