Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to CJ!

On October 1, 2003, my family was out to dinner to celebrate my 36th birthday. Motorcycle Guy took Big E and Sous Chef to the bathroom and when he returned, I was laying down in the booth because of contractions. I had told him earlier that day that I did not think I would make it through the night. I was hoping not to have a baby on my birthday because I wanted him to have his own day. Anyway, when they got back to the table I went to the bathroom thinking a walk would do me good. I barely made it back to the table. I kept having to stop and bend over chairs because of the contractions. Our waitress asked me if I was okay once I was about 1/2 way to my table and I said "Yes, I'm just having a baby." We got our things, paid our bill and dropped off our children at our friends who were the designated sitters. They weren't home, so we left our kids with the oldest of their five kids and I left a message on their cell phone VM letting them know when they got home, they would have two extra kids for the night. Everything went very smooth, calm and peaceful. It was certainly the easiest of my three deliveries. CJ was born at 2:36AM on October 2, 2003. My doctor said it was one of the best deliveries she had participated in.

Happy Birthday, CJ!

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