Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Scrooge

I am a self-proclaimed Halloween Scrooge. I am underwhelmed by the big hub bub people make over decorations, costumes and parties. I am overwhelmed with trying to prepare my children for these things. I was actually at the store today buying face paint, red sweat pants and a white skull cap so Big E could be a bottle of ketchup for trick or treat. On Monday, I still did not have the shirt, ears or tail for CJ to be a bunny rabbit. I then showed him a sheep costume that we have. It is the most adorable thing you have ever seen! My mom made it when Big E was about 4 1/2 years old and played a sheep in the Nativity Story at church. After several failed attempts of trying to convince CJ to be a sheep for Halloween and realizing I was down to the wire for a costume for him, I told him the sheep cosutme was a bunny. He loved it! I made the ears stand up like a bunny instead of hanging down like the sheep the costume is. I converted the sheep tail into a perfectly round and puffy bunny tail. He did look darn cute! I told him this evening he was the cutest bunny I'd ever seen and he said, "I know." He does not lack confidence! Sous chef is a man after my own heart and he did not want to dress up but chose to stay home with me to pass out candy. I do like that part of Halloween, it's just everything leading up to that that Scrooges me out.

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