Sunday, October 7, 2007


We attended the visitation yesterday of my friend's mom and her husband. The tears came on in full force and I think Motorcycle Man didn't really know what to do. I don't cry easily and I can guarantee, in all the years he has known me, he has NEVER seen me cry like that. He also was quite choked up himself. I was touched in my first moments with Sara's sister. She immediately consoled me as she said, "I am so sorry for you. You had some great quality time with my mom and I know how much you enjoyed her. This must be hard for you, too, and I know how sad you must be." It wasn't until that moment that I realized while most of my tears the last few days have been for this family, some of them were for my own personal grief. I am going to miss her. I have many, many memories of Mary-Beth and quite a few of her husband and also Sara's dad, though they aren't as extensive since they lived in a different part of the state prior to his death.

She was strong and independent, extremely gentle and loving. She would help anyone and judged no one. She was classy and smart. She was like no one I will ever meet again.I will miss her and I continue to cry for my friends and for this incredible loss of MB and Sp.

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