Monday, September 17, 2007

The Weekend

Boy, I am tired today. We had a very busy and fun weekend. On Thursday, we left for Pittsburgh. Breakfast with my friend, Jan, was great. Of course, she is doing all of her usual exciting things, including spending almost a month in India back in December. Here is a picture below of us.

The church in the background is St. Stanislaus, a church Motorcycle Guy attended while growing up in Pittsburgh. The church, built in 1892, is well over 100 years old!

We came back on Saturday night and then yesterday we were at Kings Island all day. We stayed until just a few minutes before closing. Motorcycle Guy's employer buys out the park for the weekend and gives tickets to the employees. We went on Sunday because it is less crowded. It was great! There were hardly any lines and towards the end of the day into the evening, the kids (Big E and Sous Chef) were riding the roller coasters repeatedly without even having to get off and get back in line. They would just stay in there seat and keep on riding. No one road the new rollercoaster which you lay down on and hang - supposedly giving you the feeling of flying. Big E doesn't like the rollercoasters that have loops in them, Sous Chef was not tall enough and Motorcycle Guy just never made it back there. If I were able, we definitely would have ridden it.
This was CJ's first time to Kings Island and he loved it. Being a Paramount Park, the kids area is Nickelodeon themed. He loved riding the Phantom Flyers, which you lay down on to ride/fly. I liked it, too. He also liked the roller coaster and of course, anything that resembled a train. Big E , CJ and I had fun riding Scooy-Doo's Haunted Castle. While riding, you have a laser gun to shoot the targets and try to get the high score.
Kings Island is bittersweet for me to go to. While I am thankful to feel great after two brain surgeries, anything high impact is out for me for the remainder of my amusement park days. I am not disappointed that I cannot train to run a marathon or do aerobics, etc. but it just kills me to go here and not be able to ride most of the rides. I remember how much fun I had as a kid riding the roller coasters with my parents, hearing my mom scream and yell and then doing it all over again. I wish I could do that with my kiddos, but it's out of the question. It's a small price to pay to feel good, but it makes me sad. I was probably the only person at Kings Island yesterday who kept getting teary eyed when my kids and husband rode off on a rollercoaster without me. Oh well. It certainly could be worse. I could feel like I did ten years ago and then I wouldn't be doing anything with them! I am happy to see how much fun they have and hear all the details every time they get off a ride.I did manage to ride one ride that I know I shouldn't have. Even though it was in the kids area, it was really fun. I was with CJ in the kids area and Motorcycle Guy was with Big E and Sous Chef when I decided I would ride it. Then I discovered CJ was not tall enough. So once I hooked back up with the gang, Sous Chef and I rode Avatar: The Last Airbender! Sounds exciting, huh? It runs on a track and goes back and forth in a swing like motion, but instead of just one swoop, it has a hill in the middle. While it's doing that, the whole car, which holds 36 people at one time, is going in a circle. The description the park gives it is: Ride along on Avatar’s lead character, Aang’s giant skateboard to soar, spin and fly on this jumbo skating adventure! It was fun, it was more than I should have done but I survived and remain feeling good today. Keep your fingers crossed. The other exciting part was that my hair is SO LONG, it actually blew all around and even got stuck in my lips and I had to keep pulling it off. I had to laugh that I noticed this, but when you have spent most of your adult life with really short hair, you notice odd things about long hair.

I am attaching a picture of CJ. We didn't get any really good ones of Sous Chef and Big E.

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