Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rain, rain, go away?

Absolutely NOT! It is finally raining here. We have lived here since July 1 and I believe it has rained three times for a total of about five minutes. I am NOT kidding. Our water bill last month was over $200. After that bill came, I decided to let our grass go, so it looks like straw now and it is uncomfortable to walk on barefoot. We are over 12 inches below normal for rainfall during the year. Yesterday it rained and today it is raining off and on. Everyone is so excited. We didn't even care that our outing to the local church festival was canceled due to rain. They are predicting about an inch of rain before it stops. The ground is so dry, however, that the baseball games are not even rained out. The fields must just be soaking it right up!

Friday night I went out with friends. I use that term loosely - I should probably say I went out with strangers who happened to be women. I knew only one person there. Mairi has been so good to me since we moved here. She has taken me "under her wing" and planned playdates with her son and my kids, we've had dinner together, she keeps me informed of M&M events, carpools with me and more! One other woman there I had talked with on the phone one time and have e-mailed on a couple of occasions. She had to tell me what she would be wearing so I could find her. Luckily, we then found out Mairi would be there so I wouldn't be on the "mystery woman" hunt. By the time I left, I felt like I had made six new friends. Four of the seven of us moms closed down the place and had to move our conversations to the parking lot!

Believe it or not, this weekend I painted an entire room! It started on Friday when I painted a short wall that ends at our landing at the stairs. I thought I would try it out to make sure I liked it. I had planned to let Motorcycle Guy finish the rest. Apparently, though, a fire was lit under my ass and on Saturday I finished the job. Motorcycle Guy set up our scaffolding for me so I didn't have to delicately balance myself on the ladder since that is a difficult task for my "unbalanceable" brain to do. The room looks awesome and we both love the color. He thought it was going to be too dark and didn't really want to do it, but since I have decorating rights, he was politely overruled and I chose the darker color. As is usual, he admitted I made the right decision and he is surprised by how much he likes it. Now we just have the stair wall to the basement to do on the first floor. I will not be tackling that as a ladder on the stairs is definitely not something I am willing or he wants me to attempt, especially since I would be doing it during the day when only CJ would be here to help me if I fell. Of course, we have all of the upstairs to do? Here's a picture.

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