Wednesday, September 5, 2007

No intent, no crime

As I mentioned yesterday, Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby was not charged with the the death of her daughter after leaving her in an overheated car for approximately eight hours. The action was deemed an accident and does not fall under any definition of a criminal act. The one piece of information that was newly released was a video from the school parking lot showing the mother pulling up to the school loading/unloading area, getting her doughnuts. She makes four trips in and out of the back of the SUV from 6:54am-6:58am and then parks her car. At 6:59am, she is videotaped walking into the school. It is hard to imagine not noticing your sleeping child in the back seat, but the news did show what the SUV's view is from the hatchback area where she was getting her doughnuts from. You can see the tip of the car seats, but not a child in them. The community continues to attack this woman including a suggestion that the mother and the prosecutor who decided not to press charges should both experience the same death as the little girl. I would guess Mrs. Slaby would trade places with her daughter if she could. Other parents are saying they will not be sending their kids to the schools in the district where she is an assistant principal if she is permitted to return. I wonder if they are willing to put their money where there mouth is and fork over the cash for private schools, because that may be their only option. As of now, the school is expecting her to return.

And speaking of schools. I think I could have benefited from a training course on how to help Big E and Sous Chef not only do their homework, but a lesson on all of the things I need to do prior to them turning it in. They get so many sheets that need to be signed, initialed, reviewed, scored and more by me or Motorcycle Guy that I have a hard time keeping all of the rules/guidelines straight! I finally created one folder and one binder. The binder is for me with all of the instructional information I get from the teachers that apply to the parents. The folder is for Big E and Sous Chef. It is for their homework that comes home but is not due for a week or longer, which is in addition to their nightly homework. Basically, they get review sheets for each subject that they have a week to complete. Then they have their regular nightly homework and so far, one project each, that of course, requires some major assistance from Motorcycle Guy and/or I. I am embarassed (only a little though) that big E is working on some math stuff that even I struggle with. I don't know if math terms have changed or my math education did not advance past current fifth grade standards, but I suck! Motorcycle Guy has been traveling a lot, so that leaves me. Too bad for Big E. There's only so much on the internet that can help me and only so much I can explain to Motorcycle Guy on the phone to try to find out the answers. One time last year, I had to call my b-friend's husband thinking he would know the answer since he is a pilot and had just finished his master's degree. Even he wasn't sure what the answer was or how to figure it out, and that was FOURTH grade. Luckily, the project that was the more difficult math project, Motorcycle Guy was here for to help get Big E started. I can handle Sous Chef's project, which is a timeline of his life and has to contain at least six important events in his life along with pictures, explanations and any other pertinent information. I think I can handle that - birth, baptism, moving to KS, starting elementary school, First Communion, and moving back to OH. I could also add things like his first airplane ride, first train ride, first time to the Grand Canyon and more if we need to add more information.

Spiders 11 and 12 - one right after the other. They were in a carrying case for a toy and when I opened it they both came tumbling out. Lots of squealing and killing them with the closest item, which was a plastic spoon that CJ has been playing with.

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