Tuesday, September 4, 2007

No charges filed

The woman who left her daughter in a car for over eight hours on the day of a heat emergency will not be charged. I am happy to hear this for the sake of this mother and her family. I am sure the people who have been calling for her execution will have a field day.
“The only underlying charge appropriate in cases such as this, and the charge
suggested by the Union Township Police Department, is child endangering,” said a
statement released by Clermont County Prosecutor Don White. “The actions of
Cecilia’s mother … were the result of an accident. … It is my opinion that the
law dictates that no charges be filed at this time.”
I am glad for this family that they no longer have the worry of whether or not criminal charges will be filed. They have a lifetime of healing before them and it certainly could not happen, especially for the husband and their other children, from a jail cell.

Onto other items.

I HATE to run errands. I hate getting in and out of my car, usually getting one or more kids in and out of the car, running into places just to wait in line, get my thing and go, and I hate having to deal with the people are generally "in my way" in the places I run errands. I also always end up with the employees who move at the pace of a sloth. Places like the post office, dry cleaners, library, copy store, hardware store, bank and more. When we lived in OP, the post office and the library both had drive through windows! I love that and always try to go to places that have drive through windows. I went to the library today to get my library card - NO DRIVE THRU! Now my books will always be late. Our post office also does not have a drive thru and it only has two counter workers. What's up with that? A city with the population of 25,000+ and one post office and they can't build enough counter spaces to have 3-5 employees working? Our OP post office had about six or eight counter workers and always at least half, if not all, were staffed. This post office sucks!

I took Big E and Sous Chef to the doctor today to formally reestablish their care with our previous pediatrician. We love Dr. E. Big E remembers him, but Sous Chef and obviously CJ, do not. He is incredible! Though we really liked our doc in OP, I always compared him to Dr. E and in reality, there just is no comparison. My kids are healthy at the moment, but I need to have Sous Chef's speech evaluated because I am pretty sure he needs some speech therapy. The speech therapy dept. at Children's needed a referral for him to be evaluated, which is why I took Sous Chef to see Dr. E. The office suggested I also have an appt. for Big E since he won't be seen until May for his physical, but may need to be seen before then for illness (which has already happened, with one of the partners at the office). Anyway, Dr. E asked why I had an appt. for Big E in addition to Sous Chef and I explained the office said I needed it to reestablish his file. He scoffed and walked us to the front and asked them to give us our co-payment back. Go Dr. E! He even remembered that I am a massage therapist and asked me what my plans were with that. In case you are wondering, at this point, I really don't have any definitive plans, but will get my shit together in six months or so.

I had to laugh while watching CJ eat a snack. I am trying to improve the quality of our food through organics and more natural foods. He was sitting at the table eating pop tarts and drinking a glass of Coke that I did not finish. So basically, my attempt for eating healthier was shot to hell. Ok by me, though, I don't want to be come a total food Nazi and always only have the healthy stuff. Everything in moderation continues to be my motto!

Spider #10.

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