Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mean Girls

I don't really consider myself a mean girl, but I do admit to in the past judging people immediately upon meeting them and making a decision right then and there as to whether or not I would even want to pursue a friendship. Most of the time, the answer was no, as I don't immediately like people (but when I do, I like you a lot and remain loyal under even the toughest of times!). I continue to struggle with this, but remind myself of my "old ways" every time I meet a new person, which in the last few years had been on a regular basis with our recent moves. I have made lots of friends that I would have dismissed in the past and I like my new found acceptance of others.

With all of that said, there are times, when no matter how hard I try, I just don't like someone. Sometimes I have a very good reason - I think they are morally corrupt, mistreat others, have no positive impact on society, are bigots/racist/prejudice. Other times, like today, I have no really good reason other than I think they are a pain the ass, overindulged, self-important fixture in society.You have probably read in my previous posts about Emily and her rudeness to CJ, but worse than that, her mother's tolerance of it and even excusing it with "she's such a stinker" comment. As if that makes Emily's bad behavior cute. NOT! Well, today, I noticed something that explained a lot. Emily's mom has license plates that say "Ems Mom." I had to roll my eyes and think "this woman clearly has no identity and this poor girl is put so high upon a pedestal that she can do no wrong." "Ems Mom" is clearly going to be, or already is, one of those parents whose children never do anything wrong, it'll always be someone else's fault, the teachers and administrators will hate her (the mom) because she will be the one at the school or calling every single time Emily doesn't get her way, gets disciplined for something, whether it be major or minor, or another child accuses her of something. I can already hear it, "Well, Emily would never do that," or "Someone else must have started it" or "Not my child" or "Stevie looked at Emily in a mean way" and I could go on and on. I have already met parents like this and I DON'T LIKE THEM! There is certainly nothing wrong with supporting and defending your child at the appropriate times and I would expect all parents to do that. However, sometimes that support comes in the form of recognizing that no one is perfect, not even your darling daughter, and allowing them to understand the consequences of bad behavior and even learning the difficult lesson of "life is not fair!" I am guessing that Emily and kids like her with parents like hers, will never have the opportunity to learn these important life skills.

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