Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

We had a good weekend. Motorcycle Guy got home on Saturday mid-afternoon and very quickly decided to take the three kiddos to his friend John's for a campout in his backyard. John also has three kids - two boys, each a year older than mine and a little girl who is in kindergarten. They live in a subdivision, but John's house is on the end of a culdesac that backs up to woods. The woods lead to a llama farm! They love going there and when everyone got home the next afternoon, they were covered from head to toe in dried up dirt. Showers for everyone!

While they were gone and I was enjoying the quiet time, I got Thai takeout at a yummy restaurant close to my house. I also watched THE GODFATHER! I LOVE this movie and can't see it enough. I always learn or catch on to something that I missed the previous gzillion times I have seen it. Being that it lasts between three and four hours, I could not stay up to watch THE GODFATHER II, which is just as good and just as long. I'll have to save it for another night. Unfortunately, the final GODFATHER movie does not really appeal to me and I am not sure I have ever made it all the way through the entire movie.

Last night my parents came for dinner - my mom cooked. We then watched the WEBN Fireworks on TV. These are some of the biggest fireworks in the country and are very well known. Hundreds of thousands of people descend onto the Ohio River banks to watch them. They are not nearly as beautiful on TV and I am thinking next year we may brave the crowds and heat and take the kids and go. The last time we went I was pregnant with Sous Chef and we had a friend who had a house on the Ohio River banks, so we didn't have to deal with the crowds, the parking, the finding a spot to sit, etc. and we enjoyed the fireworks, riverfront view, from the comfort of his back yard. Unfortunately, he now lives in the burbs with us! That was also the night my best friend was reintroduced to a friend of Motorcycle Guy's. GA and LQ are now married and have two boys!

Today we went to our city pool. It was great. They have lots of fun things like a slide, a climbing wall that when you fall off of you go into the water, zero entry in the shallow end, diving boards, a baby pool and a sand area that has a lot of playground equipment and a coupe of sprinklers. The sprinklers were actually ment to hose off with, but the kids appeared to be making canals in the sand and filling them with water.

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