Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I knew the day would come...

When CJ went to a KDO program last year, I was afraid he would be kicked out for being too rough and assertive. He is used to playing with his older brothers and their friends and therefore plays like a ten year old and not someone his own age. It didn't happen last year, though they did move him up to a class that was for kids a year older because he liked the organized activities better than the organized play time in the younger class. He did great there. Well, I guess my concerns last year were 12 months premature. Today the teacher pulled me aside and said "Does CJ like to squeeze people?" and I said, "Yes, he gives me hugs all the time." Unfortunately, she didn't mean squeezing as in hugs, but in squeezing people's arms and legs. She said everyone he sat with today he would grab their arm or leg and squeeze them and add in a little twist. Too bad that stinker, Emily, was not at school today so he could do it to her! Anyway, the teacher was not overly concerned, but wanted to let me know that he was doing it and they had talked to him about it. We'll see what happens on Thursday.

I got my haircut today. She did a good job, but it was not what I was expecting. My previous hairstylist was thinning my hair from underneath and not cutting it to shorten it. I met someone here who told me her hairstylist does this. So I was expecting her to do that to me, but she didn't. She shaped up the back - basically I have an inverted bob - and added a few very light, long layers along the bottom to prevent the thickness and length from weighing it all down. It's cute. I made another appointment for mid-December. I think I have only had four haircuts in the last ten months. It is getting long!

That's all I have. Motorcycle Guy will be home in the wee hours of the morning.

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