Thursday, September 13, 2007


I don't even know what to title today.

It's been a little boring around here, which is unusual for us! CJ has his second day of preschool today, Big E starts an after school extracurricular activity today, dodgeball!, and then we are all heading to Pittsburgh until Saturday. Motorcycle Guy's dad was able to schedule a private tour for Friday of the Carnegie Museum for himself, Big E and Sous Chef and their cousins, Max and Leo. I will be hanging with CJ and my MIL. I think we are taking him to the Science Center and maybe to the zoo. We are also hoping to squeeze in a ride on the city train for CJ. Motorcycle Guy's sister will also be there. I think maybe she's going on the museum tour with the little boys and the adult boys. I am also meeting up with a college roommate for breakfast. I am always happy to see Jan. She has moved all over during college for co-oping jobs and overseas studies and since graduation she has moved around quite a bit for her job as an architect. Now she is in Pittsburgh working and getting her master's degree so I get to see her on a somewhat regular occasion. I haven't seen her however, since 2003 because we moved in 2004 and we didn't get to Pittsburgh but one time for a very short trip while we were living in KS.

Yesterday, I had a speech evaluation conducted for Sous Chef. From 2 to 3 yrs. of age, he received speech therapy. He has not needed it again until now and he will start going again on a weekly basis. He tested significantly above normal on the language part of the evaluation, but he does have some issues that reflected on the speech evaluation. I am also taking him to the doctor this morning. The good 'ole local environment has kicked in for him and his allergies are flaring. I have a feeling we will be back on his allergy medicines and possibly breathing treatments again. Once there is a good freeze, he should clear up again. I guess Big E will be next. Maybe he will be lucky enough to escape it this year and I keep my fingers crossed for CJ, too!

I went to M&M book club last night. We discussed the Memory Keeper's Daughter, which I read last summer, so I couldn't remember some of the details of the book. It was a good time and I met two more people. We also had a lively discussion about the woman who left her daughter in the car. Enough said about that. I am almost finished reading "Remind Me Again Why I Need a Man" at the recommendation of a friend. It is very funny and I have enjoyed reading it. After that, I have "The Glass Castle" waiting and I have ordered "Something Blue" from the library, which is part two of "Something Borrowed" which I read last week. I didn't realize at the time that it was a two parter.

Have a great weekend!

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