Sunday, September 23, 2007

Growing up

As in all families, everyone here is growing up! CJ will be turning four on October 2. He started preschool this year and will graduate from his car seat to a booster seat as soon as I decide which one I want to buy. Sous Chef will be turning eight in a couple of months and Big E will be ten in the spring and is no longer of "elementary" school age. Motorcycle Guy will be 45 in January and I will be hitting the 40 year mark on October 1. I am actually looking forward to it and will be getting a head start on it this upcoming weekend with a party.

I often wish we had had four children. We would have had four, or more, children if either we had started younger or there hadn't been an interruption of "childbearing years" with my medical drama in 2001. We weren't really sure we would even have a third child after that, so I am happy and thankful it worked out for us. On the other hand, when I see my friends with little ones hanging on them or crying for them and the moms changing their diapers, hand feeding them and more, I am kind of glad to be to this stage. I can go without baby gear or diaper bag, I don't need a special bed for overnight trips, no jars of food or special bottles or cups. I was never one to rush home or stay home because of nap time or bed time, but I am doubly thankful when I see my friends leaving a party or fun event, or in some cases not even going, because they want to get their little ones home for their scheduled sleep time. I can stay and keep on having a good time. My kids did well with being flexible on the occasions their sleep schedules were shaken up, but now I don't even have to consider that! They are either home with the sitter or they just keep on going along with the rest of us. Really, who has more energy than a child?

We were out late last night. We went to my brother and SIL's house for dinner with my parents. We got home about midnight. When I pulled in the driveway, there was something very odd about my house. There was a string tied from our outdoor garbage can, to the garage door handle, around our basketball hoop and into the back yard. I kept thinking it was a booby trap of some kind and that if I pulled the string a ghost would come flying out of nowhere, Brady Bunch style, or that a popper would go off. I was afraid to go into the backyard where there were no lights on. Thankfully, I noticed my neighbor's lights on and I went over there. Duane came over and untied it all for me. Earlier that evening, the string had been tied to his teenage son's car and wrapped around some stuff and then all the way over to our deck. He undid it earlier and obviously they came back. I guess these are the "tricks" of Halloween. At least we don't have a lot of toilet paper to clean up today!

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