Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fun Times

Yesterday was a fun day. Once I got the older two off to school, CJ and I ran a couple of errands and then went to playgroup in our old neighborhood. Kara, the host, is from the "old days" of when we were there. She made a yummy lunch and was excited because I brought iced tea!

From there, we went to Big E's school for a math carnival for his team. They have been doing probability and statistics. Each small group of 2-3 children had to put together a game of some kind that involved them being able to study the probability of numbers. There were lots of dice games, spinning a spinner games, selecting hidden items games, etc. It was fun and I got to meet a new mom. The one mom from his class that I have met was there and her son rode home with us and stayed for the evening. Big E had gone to their house the day before. After Spencer left, Sous Chef had baseball practice and we squeezed in dinner before our new babysitter arrived. It sounds like they had a good time with her.

I went to game night with the local M&M chapter. It was fun and I met a couple more people. I was told I have pretty much met all of the regulars now with the variety of events I have been to. It appears there are members who only attend certain activities, and if you don't ever attend those activities, you may not get to meet them. I hope to change that as co-leader and get people a little more involved in more of the fun activities this chapter does. I am still thinking about the Area Manager job, but from what I have heard, it is actually a little easier than being an RM.

After volunteering at Sous Chef's school, being at Big E's and having to read a lot, going to Bunko and game night, I have come to realize that I REALLY need to be wearing my glasses all of the time. I am not in the habit of doing that, but instead grabbing them when I need them. However, most of the time when I need them, they are at home on my kitchen counter. I think after my eye exam this year, I will get contacts in addition to a new pair of glasses. It feels already like my eyes have changed some since my exam last December. I dont' think I mentioned in my test for my driver's license that while I was afraid of failing the written test, I could barely see to pass the vision test and I did not have my glasses with me Plus, I didn't want the glasses restriction on my license. I was afraid I was going to fail and that they would take my license and Motorcycle Man would have to come to get me! I had to guess between two numbers/letters on many occasions, but apparently my brain was able to decipher it enough to tell me what to guess.

Tonight we are heading to my brother's house for dinner. They have a new puppy that we haven't seen yet and I know my boys will love seeing it, CJ especially.

Have a good weekend.

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