Friday, September 7, 2007

Enough already!

Of course, the news continues about the Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby, the mother who forgot her child in an overheated car, resulting in her death. I have mentioned before, I don't watch the news on a regular basis. Well, yesterday, I had the TV on a local channel watching a soap opera (yes, it's true, I was indulging in some mindless television!). I walked out to the bus stop to get Sous Chef and left the TV on. That local channel has news that comes on at 4:00, which is during the time I am at the bus stop. While I was out there, Big E came out and said, "Mom, I just heard on the news about a woman who left her daughter in the car and she died! They were showing her talking about it." I explained quickly what happened and told him to go change the channel. I rarely watch the news and I don't allow my children to watch it at all. Oops, I failed that today. The result of that was that I watched the 5:00 news so I could see what he saw. The pathetic, do anything for a $$ news - all local stations - are airing the video tape of the mother being questioned shortly after they found the little girl. What the hell is this society coming to that we need to see that awful, horrible, devastating interview. I don't care if this is a middle-class white, educated woman or a poor, uneducated minority woman (and yes, there have been claims that she was let go because of who she was and if the mother had been of a different socio-economic class and race, her ass would be in jail!), I DON'T WANT TO SEE THIS! I don't need to see it and more importantly, this woman and her family don't need me to see it. It benefits NO ONE. I am tempted to write a letter if I could put my thoughts together enough to get my point across coherently and without rambling like I do here.

The letters to the editor continue. Thankfully, yesterday, there was a guest columnist who wrote a column titled: "Child's death should prompt empathy, learning, not blame." This woman has first hand knowledge of this case as she was on the Crisis Response Team that has counseled the staff at the school. Read her column at: She says what I have been saying all along, only with more eloquence and clarity.

Thankfully, I have other things to write about today. I went out last night with the neighborhood ladies. It was one of those times where I get anxious. It doesn't happen very often, but anytime I have to walk into a room alone with a group of people I don't know but am interested in knowing, I get a little nervous. We went to dinner at Bravo and there were about 15 women. It was so much fun and great to get out. There was one woman who kept me laughing the whole time. She had funny stories, funny comments, and didn't hesitate to speak up. It was a diverse group: employed and SAHMs, young women (late 20's) all the way up to a woman who looked to be in her late 60's-mid 70's. It was hard to tell - she was very spunky and fun, which I think made her seem younger than she actually may be. There were new moms and seasoned moms. There were women who have lived here a while and those of us who were newbies. I look forward to our next outing, which is a game night here in the neighborhood. I also found out there is a book club and a Bunko group, which is in need of a sub this month...

I also think I may have found a hair stylist. Another action that causes anxiety for me! A woman in my M&M playgroup has a haircut similar to mine, has even curlier hair than I do and has a lot of thick hair like I do. I was telling her how my hairstylist in OP would just thin out my hair from underneath and not cut any length or do anything to the "outside" of my hair. Basically, I don't need a cut or layers added, I just need bulk removed. This is exactly how her stylist cuts Kelli's hair. What a relief! I am not getting it cut anytime soon, but it's nice to know I have someone to go to when the time comes.

That's all I have for today. Motorcycle Guy comes home later this afternoon and will be home all next week and 1/2 of the week after that. He then leaves for several days for a trip to Canada with his friend John to shut down their cabin and island, which is in the Georgian Bay, for the winter. I am meeting up with an M&M member and her friends for some drinks at a local pub this evening. Should be fun, but another night with people I have never met. Liz and I have talked online on many occasions, sometimes for M&M stuff because she also holds a national level position and I have needed her help and also on a personal e-mail level when I moved here. I am looking forward to meeting her.

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