Monday, September 24, 2007

Energy Drains

My MIL sent me an article from Oprah magazine, which I had also read, on how to solve the emotional energy crisis. I am going to post a few of the ideas here, as I think everyone can use some tips on this, especially me! For today, I am going to list my top three of the eight that were outlined in the article and include their suggestions on how to fix it.
  1. ENERGY DRAIN Loss of Self - As kids, we had to play by the rules; our unique energy got caged.
    ENERGY FIX Personalize your life. Ask yourself, if it were up to me, what would I ... hang on my wall? Wear to work? Do for fun? Find the pockets of freedom where you can be more yourself.
  2. ENERGY DRAIN Overcommitment - You're always saying yes - to your mother, kids, friends, employer; to requests, favors, meetings.
    ENERGY FIX Tell someone else "no" every once in a while, just to feel your own power. You'll gain a whole new sense of your ability to take care of yourself.
  3. ENERGY DRAIN Other people's expectations - Are you living someone else's dream for you? You're putting out energy but starving emotionally. The other person gets all the satisfaction.
    ENERGY FIX You bought in; you can set yourself free. No confrontation needed, just "I don't have to expect that of myself." Worst-case scenario: Someone who's not you will be disappointed. You will feel wonderful. Posted by

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