Friday, September 28, 2007

Check your paystubs!

Being a former Human Resources Manager, in which payroll fell under my department, I have always told people to always check your pay stub, especially if you get direct deposit and don't have to physically take a check to the bank. Why? you might ask. Because payroll departments make mistakes! I have drilled this into my husband's head and does he listen? Nnnnnnooooooo....

The deposit to our account today was off from what it should have been. Since we moved, his paycheck from month to month has been different due to a variety of reimbursements, salary increase and a bonus. However, I had a calculated amount budgeted and his paycheck was not what I had in my budget. I insisted he look at his stub, which of course is done online as they do not distribute paper, and sure enough, they have incorrectly withheld city taxes that we are not required to pay for two pay cycles. So, now he has the hassle of trying to get this corrected so we don't pay those taxes anymore AND get our money back.

Sssssoooo...check your pay stubs, and/or your spouse's, EVERY month.

Tomorrow is our "Welcome to our new home/Happy 40th" party. I am pretty excited. There are people coming that I have only seen once or twice in the last three years!

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