Monday, September 10, 2007

Back to school

CJ has appropriately been singing "it's the end, the end, the end of summer. the end, the end, the end what a bummer..." If you have seen "Last Day of Summer" you, too, have probably heard this song. It aired on the Disney Channel in August and is an adolescent's version of "Groundhog Day."

CJ starts his first year of preschool tomorrow! He met his teachers and classmates last week. With the exception of one bratty little girl tearing down everything he worked on and her incompetent, lazy ass mother, who had no action behind her words, saying things like "Emily, don't do that. Emily, I said stop" "Emily, CJ built that" and looking at me saying "Emily is such a stinker," everything went great. Maybe I should warn Emily and her mom that CJ is the youngest of three very active and physical boys and if he gets pissed enough, he would not hesitate to deck her! I don't expect any issues with his first day. At his KDO program last year, while the majority of the kids and their moms were crying, he looked at me and said "You can go now." He seems a little more hesitant this year, but once he found out they had a train set, he warmed up quite a bit. We'll see.

CJ also started swimming lessons this morning. He loved it. He loves the water. I will be keeping him in lessons this year until he is able to swim on his own, so we may be there until the pools open in the spring! We disovered that in the class after ours is a little boy from our M&M playgroup. Yeah, I saw someone I know while out and about. Sous Chef is interested in taking more advanced swimming lessons and possibly joining a swimming team. I won't be worrying about that until after fall baseball is over for him.

We headed to Costco after swimming lessons. I saw another M&M mom there! Two people in one day! I am getting settled in. Barb, the woman I saw, used to live in Overland Park! Anyway, the man in front of me bought a five pound container of Metamucil. All I could think is that he must be really full of shit if he needed that much Metamucil to keep his intestines cleaned out! I kept having to hide my snickering. Honestly, I was like a teenage girl trying not to giggle over buying tampons or my first bra. It was too funny.

Take care everyone!

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