Friday, August 24, 2007


Well, it's the third day of school and BOTH of my kids are home sick! They both started complaining of stomach aches on Wednesday night. Thursday, I made sure they drank a lot of water before school because I thought maybe they were getting cramps from being dehydrated and I also thought some of it may be nerves/anxiety from the start of a new school. When Big E got home from school yesterday he said he spent the end of the day in the nurse's office because his stomach hurt. She gave him water because she also thought he was dehydrated and a mint to help settle his stomach. Then Sous Chef came home and said his stomach hurt off and on all day. I went out last night (more on that later) and had a sitter for the kids. Big E went to baseball practice but all the way there said his stomach hurt and Sous Chef called while I was out and told me his stomach hurt. In the middle of the night, Big E woke me up twice to tell me his stomach hurt and he had diarrhea. Sous Chef woke me up once for the same thing. Of course, my husband is out of town! So, they are home today and hopefully will be better soon.

I went out for Mom's Night Out with M&M. We went to a restaurant named Honey. It was SO good. I had homemade ravioli with shrimp and crab with a crème fraîche topping. The dessert was just as good, which was a creme brulee type dish. It was fun going there because it was a part of town that I don't usually go to. It was a fun evening with a fun group. It was a variety of moms - some FT employed moms, some SAHMs. My group in KS was a much younger group and almost 100% SAHM, with a few exceptions. I like having a more varied group.

Big E had his first baseball practice last night. It should be an interesting season. He is on a team with kids and coaches from a different area. Since we had to sign up as an individual player and not with a team, we were assigned a team that needed players. Kind of a bummer for us since we were hoping to be on a more local team with kids from school to try to meet people. The coach is not anything like the parents we are used to. Big E said he yelled a lot. I noticed his abundance of tattoos. Considering I sport one myself, they don't bother me, but the "shirt like, Miami Ink" (I love that show!) tattoos are not typical of the parents we know. If you are from here, you will understand when I say the coach and team are from "the west side." We are "east siders." For those who are not from here, I am guessing your city has the same issues - as described in one article "Basically, the West Siders are characterized as a bunch of beer-swilling, backyard barbecuing, rabid sports fans, and the East Siders portrayed as discerning, fine-living sophisticates. West Siders shout "The West Side is the Best Side!" East Siders just roll their eyes and check the stock listings. That sort of thing. None of it is wholly true, and it's basically nothing more than a long-running joke."

Sous Chef's 2nd baseball practice is tonight. Unfortunately, he will miss it since he is home sick. He also missed his first practice since we were in Pittsburgh when it was scheduled.

This morning, CJ got in bed with me. I was sleeping in a pair of pj's that has a camisole type shirt. All of a sudden he said, "Mommy, something is sticking out." I thought he was trying to show me a hang nail that he wanted me to clip. I finally realized he was pointing at me and not showing me his finger. As it turns out "the something sticking out" was my boob that had freed itself from the criss-cross of my camisole! Too funny! We did sleep in some since we didn't have to get up to go to school.

Have you noticed my tag list? I obviously talk the most about family, friends and food. I don't think it's a big surprise those are three of the most important things to me!

Have a good weekend. We have our first baseball games on Sunday.

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